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Do you doubt your creativity?Have you listened to your inner voice and think about something as good as this?when you have a beautiful idea,try putting it into practice

Today, the people of  kaduna are celebrating and appreciating their Governor,who is a role model,humanitarian,dedicated,simple,respectful,honest,straight forward,fearless,intelligent,creative and hard working Governor who cares for the people of Kaduna, and is currently doing anything to uplift  Kaduna State. We the people celebrate you sir and most of all we pray for you. May the Almighty God bless

Kaduna state is located at the northern part of Nigeria’s high plains. The vegetation cover is Sudan savannah characterized by scattered short trees, shrubs and grasses. The word ‘kaduna’ is said to come as a result of a narrative linked to the Hausa word for crocodile (kada) in the river kaduna, this is contested by

The tourism potentials of kaduna state had not been fully explored over the years. The place of tourism in the state does not reflect the state’s long history and rich cultural heritage. My new kaduna project is a strategy targeted at promoting the good images of kaduna state. This involves the exhibiton of beautiful images

The on going registration will enable the Government have a full data of all the Creative people in Kaduna state.projects would be designed according to what is needed by these people.

A Celebration like no other.It is will be a historical event for the hub city and Capital of Northern Nigeria.

A true leader the man of principle and style came out with a quotes that has started a movement in peoples heart to see how true governance is and should be. “Our leadership style is not that of squandering public funds or enriching our friends and family,Our leadership is to give equal rights so that

Kaduna State have embarked on a peace walk to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the capital Kaduna City. The citynwas founded by the British in 1913 and became the capital of the former Northern Region in 1917. The official century commemorations will be held in July. The artistes under the umbrella of the Arewa