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The administration of Mallam Nasiru El-rufai, has been working hard to change the face of Kaduna. The government is a blessing to the people of Kaduna state, the project titled MY NEW KADUNA is such that the state has never seen or heard of before.

The Creative Arts industry is very vibrant and serves as an avenue for youth to express themselves in various ways. Be it music, Disk jockey (DJ) Drama, Sculpture, Painting, Photography, Writing, Etc. its also a platform where youths come together to discuss and share ideas on how to move the state and the nation forward. Kaduna State has had its fair share of violence over the years, and now the youths are saying no to violence “Let’s Use our Arts to bring peace in our state”.


The Five reasons why you should register with the Creative Industry are as follows:

Financial Suppport: it is well known that what kills most startups is capital, lots of people have business bankable ideas yet they lack the capital to kick start. As a registered member you will be considered for soft loans to help make that dream a reality.

Free Promotion: You will get free promotion of your arts on government events and some private events. In so doing, your arts will get the exposure it requires.

Mentorship: most people know how to do one craft or the other, but lacks the skills that will see them through. Most times they get stuck along the road and never complete the journey. So how about some mentorship? You will get linked with seasoned personnel in the industry who will guide your steps and show you how to make a move without stumbling.

Free Referrals: the success of your craft/business depends on the referrals you get from the outside world. People will need a particular service, being that your business has been registered, verified and trusted by the Creative Arts Industry. You get free recommendations without having to pay a dime.

Certification: a certification of authentication will be issued to you as an evidence that your business is legit and you are certified to work anywhere within and outside the state.

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