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S.A to Kaduna State Government on Creative Arts Hajia Halima Idris

It was a day of interaction and free-associating when representatives of 28 creative organizations, honoured the invitation of the S.A to the Kaduna State Government on Creative Arts Hajia Halima Idris. To discuss how the creative industry can contribute its own quota to the development of the society especially northern part of the country. The meeting was informal, where all representatives of the various organisations had the opportunity to make their observations and contributions.


The north is blessed with talents and people with capacities that can effect positive changes in the region. Yet when it comes down to the creative arts aspect which comprises of creative writers, Movie actors, dancers, Fashion designers, bloggers etc. it is always lagging behind. The publicity is always not the way it should be, there’s no recognition and support. So the meeting was held with the hope of addressing the challenges in the nearest future and pave way for the new generation.

Cross section of invited guests

In her speech the S.A Hajia Halima Idris said “Your inputs are needed, because wherever you see creative they are differently unique. They play a vital role in the shaping of society; their works have the tendency of reaching the most remote part of the country. Be it music, poetry, movies, photography, etc. they are all key players in addressing youth restiveness and shaping of behavioural patterns”.


Halima further went on and said “I urge you all to reach out to the grassroots, drug abuse and other social vices are ravaging the society. We urge you to use your arts, use your creativity positively, so that we can make Kaduna state and Nigeria great again. The dreams of our founding fathers are yet to be realized and I believe we can make that happen”

Art is like a knife which you can either use to cut bread or cause harm to someone depending on what you chose to do with it. Beyond being an artist, a writer or a photographer, there is more one can do to give the art industry a boost. “ through art we can show the world are a peace loving nation, we will use our arts to tell our story and change the wrong perception people have about us” said Halima.


The organisations that attended the meeting include:

  1. Think Right Forum
  2. Nollywood Actors Guild (Kaduna Chapter)
  3. Performing Musician Association of Nigeria (Kaduna Chapter)
  4. National Orientation Agency (Creative Department)
  5. National Creative Writers Association.
  6. Kaduna Social Media Front Kaduna
  7. Motions Pictures and Photographic Association of Nigeria
  8. Wassh Production
  9. Kaduna Talent Club
  10. Prime Initiative
  11. Africa Concept
  12. Association of Comedians
  13. Rapid Studios
  14. Djs Association of Nigeria
  15. Guild of Nigeria Dancers (GOND)
  16. Theasisx Ltd. (Information Technology Company)
  17. NYS Production
  18. Association of Local Hausa Singer
  19. RAAF (Rigasa Action Association Forum Creative)
  20. Arewa Creative Industry
  21. Youth Assembly Association
  22. Association of Bouncers
  23. Purple Silver Art Community
  24. Yasmin El-rufai Foundation
  25. Arewa Unionism Association
  26. All-time Motion
  27. MOPPAN – Northern Region
  28. House of Recovery (Say No To Drugs in The Creative Industry)
  29. Explore Kaduna Team
  30. Craft Association
  31. Association of Makeup Artists
  32. Association of Fashion Designers
  33. Event Planners and Caterers
  34. Kaduna State Union of Students (ABU, Kasu, Nubam, Kad Poly, FCE Chapter) Department of Arts and Culture
  35. Arewa Youth Dynasty
  36. Kids Got Talent
  37. HYAM Development Association
  38. Durbar Foods
  39. Leisure and Funland Recreation
  40. International Cake Exploration Society, Nigeria
  41. Epic Royal Art Services
Some of the guests making their contributions

Some of these organisations have national bodies and their membership has grown to millions even in the northern parts of the country. With such a large membership it is believed that they can bring the needed change and exposure to the region.

Let show them what Kaduna state has, let the positive narrative about our state be showcased to the outside world using Creative Art and entertainment.

invited guests

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