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House of Recovery is a community based youth association, registered in 2016 with the aim of being an active participant in the substance abuse and drug addiction space. We are a collation of individuals from different walks of life with varied experiences, who are passionate about finding lasting solutions to drugs/substance abuse and dependence. Through our sister company, THE RECOVERY PLACE, we offer counselling services, training, data gathering and analysis.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To provide support to individuals and groups with drugs/substance dependence challenges.
  2. To provide opportunities for individuals, groups and vulnerable people with drug addiction to live healthy lives. By broadening their perspectives on the treatment available to them.
  3. Participate in policy development and improving service delivery in Nigeria and ultimately globally.
  4. Provide helpline information and support to anyone who is worried about or potentially facing drugs/substance abuse.
  5. To work with primary health centres and community groups in the development and delivery of ‘’Train the trainers’’ programme.
  6. Develop awareness campaign, provide information materials, encourage media involvement and hold events that will educate the public on drug abuse.
  7. Partner with relevant stakeholders to achieve our objectives.

Our membership strength

Our membership strength is 75 members.

There is a long history between the creative industry and drugs/substance abuse in Nigeria and the world generally, often with fatal consequences for the celebrity users. House of recovery as part of its numerous programmes is collaborating with SA Creative Arts to run a campaign’’ KREATIVES KICK DRUGS OUT OF KADUNA’’ This is to ultimately find a solution to the menace of drug addiction through the creative industry using its talents to be at the fore front of this campaign.

Contact Details

Minas mall, 2-4 Kinshasa road, ungwan rimi, Kaduna, Nigeria.

Tel: +234(0)9026206135



Twitter: @Houseofrecover2







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