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The tourism potentials of kaduna state had not been fully explored over the years. The place of tourism in the state does not reflect the state’s long history and rich cultural heritage.

My new kaduna project is a strategy targeted at promoting the good images of kaduna state. This involves the exhibiton of beautiful images of places, sites of tourist attraction, rich and diverse cultural heritage of the people such as their mode of dressing, their food and the socio-ecomic activities they are involved in within their localities including their talents and crafts. The project will assist to nurture and portray all the beautiful places and activities in the state, discover the natural attractions the state is endowed with and promote the creative artisans within the state.

The project has the hashtag #mynewkaduna. The people of kaduna are expected to snap a picture of any beautiful thing around like cultural attires, local dishes, arts and crafts, trees, mountains, historic buildings, schools, hospitals, clubs and happenings around the state. Post on any social media platform with the hashtag #mynewkaduna. Best pictures will be rewarded monthly.


  • Ibrahim Sani A.K.A Ibrahim Mazaje

    My comment here are: These categories/Professions are not complete, why? Because, in movie industry there are so many professions not only Actors, Make-up Artists, Cinematographers, Writers and so-on. There are Directors, Producers, Script Writers, Editors, Lighters, Actress and so-on.
    That’s my comment please re-schedule it, by finding more categories in some other professions

  • aliyu shehu

    How is the contest going to be

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