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If I were to ask you, “how do you feel about success?” What would be your response? Most people would say: I feel great about it, I want more of it, I deserve it, I am working towards it. Why are those feelings so common?


Because most of the people on this planet feel that being a success is a good thing. When they think of success they usually think of material benefits, happiness, and accomplishment. Certainly, success can include all of these things and more. But according to my own definition, KADUNA STATE of today is the true definition of SUCCESS.

Hajia Halima Idris SA to Governor

This SUCCESS lead to the one year of wisdom to the young minded Creative people of Kaduna state, it started just as a trial but after it execution it becomes SUCCESSIFUL. Understanding the role of Creativity and innovation to young people and toward economic development, the giant Man in the savannah, the one in millions, the one Governor like no other, the one that transform dreams into reality, no other than Mallam Nasir El-Rufai he created the office of S.A Creative Art in Kaduna state. This is where the SUCCESS in Kaduna state started.


Kaduna state became more successful when Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai select a woman that has the capacity and ability to work much more than other men’s in the past, she is creative, dedicated, hardworking, smart, wise, a woman that turn ideas into real business, dream into reality, a woman that turn image to imagination, imagination to dream, dream to reality, and reality to SUCCESS, a woman that turns weak to strong, unhoped to hope, a woman that has no failure in her dictionary, she is the ICON OF HOPE, no other than HAJIA Queen Bachure Halima Idris as the S.A to Kaduna State Governor Nasir Ahmad Elrufai in the office of Kaduna Creative art.


She is a dedicated woman that has no Night no morning no weekend, she is always dedicated to her duty as S.A to kaduna state Governor malam Nasir. We the young people of Kaduna state are very happy and proud to have Hajia Halima Idris as one of our key officer in Kaduna state. If there is any possible change through the industry for the masses she will do it because she is always with us.

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