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FGEES ARCADIA (Fauwaz Garba)

The Kaduna based Fashion Designer has been fascinated by the exquisite shoes/clothing since an extraordinarily young age. As a little boy, he dreamed of creating flawless masterpiece that would be worn by beautiful and important people from all works of life.
Growing up, life was difficult & hard for his family, in the country side of Kaduna State, The young CEO (Fauwaz) was the Second of his brothers/sisters, all living in Kaduna State. Shoes were luxury for his siblings; they only received one new pair in many holiday celebrations.
The CEO (Fgees Arcadia) was a graduate of the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State. The company’s name FGEES came from the CEO’s full name which is Fauwaz Garba, and it came into existance in late 2016.
The company specializes majorly in high quality/elegant handmade shoes and clothing. With a customer capacity of almost 500 people active customers. The company aim to be among the top notch in the fashion industry in Kaduna State (North) and Nigeria in few years, hoping to help the government and society reduced drastically the unemployment among our youth, and the economy in general.