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Written by: Shiek AbdulAziz Ibn Baaz

There is nothing mysterious about creativity. Contrary to what many writers write and to the many so-called myths out there; it is not a brain thing or a province of just a few. As a matter of fact everybody is creative every day. We never do the same thing twice – from brushing your teeth to writing your name. Although we think we do these things the same, there are small differences from each repetition that will never appear again. We don’t think about these changes as creativity but they are. Some people are able to recognize these changes and capitalize on them where others are not. Many organizations aren’t able to capture them either.

Numerous inventions that we use and enjoy every day come from someone who accidentally noticed some variation from what normally happened. Maybe you remember the story of how the microwave oven came about. Or, perhaps one of these accidental inventions that are all the result of someone noticing unrelated activity. Although all states want creativity and innovation only kaduna state is prepared to support


The truly innovative aspects of the creative acts ended once they reached the level of management.” Over a year now we have seen huge differences in the ability of the SA CREATIVE ARTS to support a creative idea.

The Kaduna State creative Arts was designed for creativity and it has certainly paid off handsomely. Does your state encourage creativity? Below are some shots on how my state supports CREATIVITY under the leadership of Hajiya Halima Idris, this is a checklist to see how your state (to include supervision and management) rates in supporting creativity and innovation..

Hajia halima interacting with Mas’ud Sani


creative 11
One of the many architectural designs of Mas’ud


creative 9
Mas’ud with the house he designed using cardboard paper


creative 5
Hajia Halima inspecting the work


creative 3
Mas’ud explaining some key features


creative 2
The cardboard house


creative 0


Halima idris and Mas’ud interacting


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