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The Kaduna State Governor Mallam Nasir El-Rufai in his quest and patriotic desire to establish sustainable foundation of good governance and commitment towards exploring talents among the good people of Kaduna state.  In order to identify and support people with creativity, decided to create an important office, that will deal with the growth of creative arts in the state. Because he believed Kaduna state people got immense talents that needed to be explore and push to make it a source and indeed a basis for social and economic development.


An office for Creative Arts development in the state was established and On 4 August 2016 and a lady with a versatile nature of identifying talents and Creative Minds was appointed as the first pioneer in the office. That woman was no any other woman than Hajia Halima Idris.


She was assigned with that task of bringing out people with creative minds and innovations, people with God given talent in whatever parameters to the fold of the government and see where necessary government will come in, to assist and champion that cause in order to have great development both economically and socially.


Even though the journey was not an easy one, Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai responsibly went into action, and today people of Kaduna state are in clear terms and conscious of the fact that there is a new born child in the state, and that child is CREATIVE ART.


A lot of records and successes were recorded in the one-year existence of that important office.


With the creation of the office, Kaduna State Government has been able to bring people with talents in all manners and patterns, created avenues where they can rub their minds together in order to get themselves engage and occupied.


Hajia Halima Idris uses her office as a symbol of entertainment and equally avenue and empire to showcase our diverse rich cultural heritage to the world and foster peace among the people of Kaduna state, through integration and social gatherings in order to understand ourselves through our differences in culture and indeed particularly tell the outside world that Kaduna people are peaceful and talented.


Indeed, creative arts in Kaduna state was taken from the world of unknown to the wider world of existence and development courtesy of His Excellency Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai.


Congratulations to the Kaduna State Government for this great achievement.

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